Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Handbagsss!! Handbagsss!! =)

Check this out! Lovely, vintage and fashionable! =)

Model : MHB 001

Colour: Black

Status: Available

Price: RM 40

Model : MHB 002

Colour: Black and White Stripes

Status: SOLD

Price: RM 40

Model : MHB 003

Colour: Light Brown and White Stripes

Status: SOLD

Price: RM 40

Product Name: Square Buckle HandBag

Model : MHB 006

Colour: Dark Brown

Status: Available

Price: RM 40

Product Name: Square Buckle HandBag

Model : MHB 007

Colour: Black

Status: Available
Price: RM 40

* The price shown is not include postage. Postage charge is RM7 (WM) and RM10 (EM).  How to order, just comment the picture and you girls also can email us at We'll reply a.s.a.p. =)
Happy shopping, girls..~!!! =)

Setem Closet's 1st Bazaar!!

Hello Lovelies!!! Here are some photos of Setem Closet's 1st Bazaar which is held on 29 January 2011 at Subang Parade under organizer, I Love Bazaar by RylDesign. Actually I'd shared the booth with Aan from LeO Garden Shop who sells handmade accessories such as brooches, necklaces, bracelets and etc. Anyway, million thanks for those who came and support us till today!! Love you guys! Enjoy the pics! =)

It's me! Setting up the booth! =)

Setem Closet's officially logo.isn't that bad aite? =)
Handmade brooches from LeO Garden Shop! cuteee!!
With my one and only sister, Dira!
Our booth! =)
From Left: Me, Dira and Aan (LeO Garden Shop)

 Ok girls, that's all for now. We'll be joining the next bazaar, insyaallah! Do come and visit us! We'll update with u guys later! thank u! =)

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